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5Color Diet is founded by Ms Tan Ling Ai in August 2013, who is a certified and experienced Nutrition (East-West Nutritional Therapies), Iridology & Aesthetics Consultant & Presenter.  Our company’s name is called 5Color Diet because we want to promote East-West food therapies & natural remedies like (1) 5 color diet theory (Red, Orange/ Yellow, Green, Black/ Purple/ Blue & White / Tan & Brown colors) (2) Chinese medicine theory of foods elements (fire, metal, earth, wood & water), energies (cool, cold, neutral, warm & hot) and (3) Flavors (bitter, pungent, sour, sweet & salty), etc to help improve health concerns or help to support better health. Our slogan message is Healthier diet Healthier life!


Through her many years of experiences in health talks, workshops & health analysis of customers, She noticed that most customers’ health concerns are not only due to unhealthy lifestyle. But their lack of discipline to change to a healthier lifestyle or little knowledge of diseases & right nutrition which also play a part in worsening their health conditions from common illnesses to chronic diseases. She believed that applying the right East-West food therapies & natural remedies are part of healthy lifestyle that can help to improve their health concerns & support better health.  Also, she writes health articles & create healthy recipes to share on her website & 5colordietsg facebook, as well as for some health foods companies, too.


5Color diet is a platform which shares information on health facts, health problems, skincare problems, natural remedies & recipes based on East-West food therapies. We provide services like health analysis, health talks & health workshops for corporate, families & individuals who are seeking for food therapies to help improve their health concerns or help to support better health. We also provide services like health talks, health workshops & product management in new products’ launches, product development & product training for health-related companies.