Body pH Facts

  Most people heard about body pH but know little about about the role it plays in the healthy functioning of the human body.  Since most of the body is liquid, the pH level has profound effects on body chemistry, health and diseases.  Our body’s pH management regulates breathing, circulation, digestion, elimination, hormone production and […]

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Dang Shen Tea Eggs (Caffeine-Free)

  A healthy way to consume eggs!   Specially created this Dang Shen Tea Eggs (Caffeine-Free) recipe because tea eggs are very popular in parts of Asia (mainly Taiwan and China), as a savoury snack food and loved by many people.   In Chinese Herbology, Dang Shen is known to be beneficial for improving respiratory problems like […]

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Steamed Color Vegetables

  Consuming high fiber of fruits & vegetables will help to improve health issues like bloatedness, constipation, digestion and skin problems, etc.  While consuming a combination of different colors of fruits & vegetables will be more beneficial to our better health because of their unique nutrients in proteins, vitamins, minerals & fiber, etc.  Their right […]

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Fruits Agar Agar

  In festive seasons, overeating will not only cause weight gain but also some health problems like indigestion, stomach bloatedness, constipation and heartburn, etc.  Consuming more fiber in fruits, vegetables and sea plants will help to improve their conditions.   Agar Agar is a Red Algae which has nutrients like Vitamin B9 (Folate), Vitamin E, […]

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