Watercress Bittergourd Soup

  Our liver is the primary organ of detoxification which filters drugs, nutrients and toxins from the body, produces bile to help digest fats, and removes toxic bilirubin from the blood.  An unhealthy diet and poor lifestyle can overwork and overload the liver, leaving it unable to process toxins and fat efficiently.  It also may […]

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White Green Radish Carrot Soup

  Digestion is the complex process of turning the food you eat into nutrients which the body uses for energy, growth & cell repair needed to survive. The digestion process also involves creating waste to be eliminated.  An imbalanced, damaged or poorly functioning digestive system whether due to antibiotic use, diet and lifestyle or overconsumption of […]

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Cordycep Flowers Dang Shen Soup

  Have you wonder why you are always fatigued or short of breath though you sleep or eat well?   It could be a sign of lung or spleen deficiency of low energy!  Cordyceps flowers is known to be beneficial in respiratory tract problems (eg: asthma, cold, cough, flu, etc) and improves liver & kidney health. […]

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Beetroot Bitter Gourd Soup

  Is your blood pressure within normal range?  Your heart works to ensure that your five or so liters of blood continue to pump throughout your body.  Blood pressure is the force that your blood exerts onto the walls of blood vessels, and doctors measure it to determine how healthy your blood vessels and heart […]

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