Lungs Facts

Lungs Overview   Lungs is the 1st detox organ which is also known as the first line of defense of our body against airborne bacterial & viral infections as well as environmental toxins, etc.   The lungs’ main function is to help oxygen from the air we breathe, enter into our red blood cells.  Red blood […]

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Detoxification Facts

  Detoxification Overview     Toxic substances are everywhere: in the air, the foods that we eat, the soil that grows crops, water that we drink & the medications we take, etc. These toxins are one of the root causes of our modern-day diseases.  Aches & pains, autoimmune disorders (Eg: multiple sclerosis & lupus), chronic […]

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Glycemic Index And Glycemic Load Facts

  Originally, nutritionists believed that starchy carbohydrates like bread and potatoes were “Complex” and because of this took longer to be digested and absorbed than “Simple” sugars like sugar.  It was reasoned that these “Complex” carbohydrates would then produce smaller rises in blood sugar levels than “Simple” carbohydrates, which were thought to cause a surge […]

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Body pH Facts

  Most people heard about body pH but know little about about the role it plays in the healthy functioning of the human body.  Since most of the body is liquid, the pH level has profound effects on body chemistry, health and diseases.  Our body’s pH management regulates breathing, circulation, digestion, elimination, hormone production and […]

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